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This trip was a long time coming and we really didn’t know if was going to happen until the day before. Covid tests, endless forms, health concerns and jittery nerves made leaving a little daunting. But once we got on the plane, we relaxed and realized how much we have missed travel. This is one of the few trips that my husband and I have taken without any snafus or mix-ups. Truly, it was a celebration.

My packing was a little erratic because of the uncertainty, but overall worked out well. ¬†Here’s the recap.

Rome is built like a lasagna- one layer on top of each other. Planning a travel wardrobe is a little like making lasagna- one layer over the other. Scarves are the finishing topper.

These were my base pieces.

Traveled in blue jeans, turtleneck, cotton over-shirt and puffer vest. Comfortable and worked well.

Black jeans and Elliott Lauren jacket, mock tee.

Different scarf and turtleneck.

Puffer vest and blue jeans.

Black cardigan.

Pop of color with the red Athlets blouse.

Black turtle neck.

Having way too much fun.

I loved how the green blouse brightened the black wardrobe.



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