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We have all been there- standing in front of your closet with no idea of what to wear. There are plenty of clothes to choose from, but nothing feels right. It’s a dreadful way to start a morning or go to an event. Also, it is a big time waster.

I have pondered this situation pretty much my whole life. My desire to help my clients and shoppers have a fun, stylish and easy wardrobe has always been my number one work goal.  There are some “wardrobe secrets” and tricks of the trade that once you implement, your closet will feel like a much more friendly place. Let’s get started.

Become a ruthless editor.

Managing  the clothes in your closet can sometimes feel like a full time job, but it is important to continually edit the clothing that you are not wearing. My mantra is figure out how to wear it or let it go. Having too many things stuffed in your closet makes the space chaotic and confusing.

Take care of your clothing.

Stylish women always spend time taking care of their clothes.

  • Hang your clothing on the same kind of hangers.
  • Face the clothing in the same direction.
  • Launder when necessary, invest in a steamer and dry clean infrequently. Often your clothes don’t need to be laundered, only freshened up.
  • Mend, shine your shoes, repair what needs to be fixed.
  • Keep a well-organized closet

Know your colors.

Stay connected to how your colors evolve through  your life. Often your favorite shade of your youth, fails to flatter as you age. Black can look great at one age and not so  much at another.

Search out quality clothing.

Invest in pieces that are classic and you want to last. It’s fun  to mix quality items  with fun inexpensive tees and accessories. It adds some panache to your look.

Buy a variety of styles.

Don’t get stuck in buying the same thing over and over. You want your wardrobe to mix and match. The crossover of styles and colors will let you create outfits and get ready in a jiffy. Don’t just buy outfits.

Your personality should be reflected in your clothing.

Your wardrobe should reflect you. There is not one size that fits all. The use of accessories is a great way to express yourself. If you are a sparkle girl, wear your sparkles in your accessories or tees. Example, a plain jean jacket will have more life than an embellished one.

Perfect fit is a must.

Fit goes way beyond the size printed on the tag. Just because you can zip up a dress or button those jeans doesn’t mean they fit correctly. Why? Because not all size 4’s (or any size for that matter) are created equal. My suggestion? Forget about the number and hire a great tailor to make your clothes flatter your curves and shape.  Clothing should flatter.

Your clothing should function for the life you have now.

  • Always ask yourself, Where am I going? This should be obvious, but you’re not going to wear the same thing to church that you wear to the club (at least, I hope not!)
  • When am I going? Always consider the time of year (and weather) before you put on too many layers. Also important is the time of day to decide how formal or informal you should dress. 
  • What will I be doing? This is probably the most important aspect of shopping in general. Sit down and figure out how you go about your day.  If you spend 80% of your time at the office, most of your closet should be work appropriate. If you’re a stay at home mom, athleisure should be your go-to (get out of those PJ’s!) 

Your clothing should work with your body.

Always consider the longevity of the fabric, how it drapes on your body and if the style enhances your best “parts”. Some bodies are better in a certain look rather than what is in “style”.  An interesting fact: 45% of women are banana-shaped, 25% pear-shaped, 20% apple-shaped; and only 10% hourglass-shaped. I am a banana!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Sometimes it is good to get another person’s view- especially if they are a professional. Their expertise can help you select clothing that works for you that ou might not have considered.



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