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Ask yourself these three questions when you are getting ready to edit your wardrobe.

  • The first one is easy- does the garment fit? It’s not good to store anything in your closet that doesn’t flatter you. You know you won’t wear it, so let it go.
  • The second one is a little trickier because of the pandemic- is the garment versatile? There are a lot of clothes that aren’t being worn because of the change in our activities. But, if this is an “old school” garment that doesn’t fit into your current life, it’s good to clear it out.
  • The final question is, do you have a sentimental attachment to it? If you can’t bear to part with something, but never wear, store it in another closet or container. Clothing that isn’t worn should never be in your main closet. Again, appraise it and ask if it really does mean that much to you now.
  • Be truthful and disciplined. Your closet will look better for your determination.

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