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I know that my day will always be smoother if I can get ready quickly, am happy with my clothing choices and feel prepared for the day. I also want to know that when I add a new item it is going to expand and compliment what I have and not become an orphan. I also want to know that the new item is going to freshen what I have, not be more of the same. I want to banish clothing anxiety.

  • I love sweaters with the built in shirts. The one I have on is from Tyler Boe. Anything that is built in works for me.


  • Simple designs– classic, tailored basics that fit well are key. Everyone needs good black pants. You can be dressy or casual.

beige coat

  • Gray jeans– gray jeans are perfect because they are casual, but look more finished than denim.

Ann's favorite travel outfit

  • Narrow legs– wide pants are becoming more fashionable, but for a sleek and versatile look, narrow legs are better.

Conrad C Fall2

  • Ready to go accessories. As simple as this sounds, buy your accessories in the color you wear most. I am surprised by how many scarfs I have collected in colors that I don’t wear much. (I guess it’s time to edit)


Jan fashion tips

  • White (or cream) blouses, tanks and tees in good repair. This is a simple look that always looks crisp.

red tennies

  • Handbags that matches your dominant color. It is always tempting to buy handbags that match outfits, but a morning deal breaker is to have to switch out a purse.

Gray Jacket and heels

  • Shoes that I can wear and be comfortable in all day. Your feet change and you need to change up your shoes. The hip tennis shoes are a gift this spring. Look for rubber soles.

jeans and tennies

  • Pops of color in pants or tops. All neutral colors can be boring- shake it up.

Orange pants

  • Stripes look crisp and fresh- everyone can wear them.



  • Long cardigans make simple outfits look special

August bad gold


  • Finally… FIT… our bodies change throughout our lives and it is important that we continue to find shapes and silhouettes that flatter and enhance our curves… Barbie’s waist even got a little bigger…


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