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Spring Travel Wardrobe

One of the most fun things about spring travel is the planning: where to go, what to do and what to take. Packing, though, can be a big headache and we have all ended up somewhere with either too much stuff or not the right stuff (everyone has a disaster story). I do want to look good (not too “touristy”), be prepared for the weather, be ready for the planned activities and still travel with a carry-on. (My theory is that at some point during the trip you will have to lug your suitcase up a set of stairs.)

  • Start with a neutral color palette and select simple designs that you can mix and match. Black and gray are my picks for this spring. Use accessories to change up the look. I like the idea of “tabletop dressing” with the focus on your top half for variety. The ratio of two to three tops for each bottom works well. Being comfortable and appropriate for most venues is the key for happy travel.
  • ¬†Think layers and think in threes. Each item should be able to be worn at least three times and I like to layer in threes- (the easiest way to be prepared for changing temperatures). Avoid anything that is bulky, has an irregular hem or is oversized. Your jackets/sweaters should be able to fit under your outerwear. Focus on fabrics that don’t wrinkle and are easy to wash. Cotton blend knits work best for me- lightweight and no itching.
  • For bottoms, I like jeans with lycra or spandex, opaque leggings and black pants. Slim cut pants are the easiest for travel- you definitely don’t want your pants hem dragging on the street.
  • Try on all of your combinations and be certain that everything fits and can be layered.
  • Scarves take up little room, are versatile and add some zip. Take only costume jewelry- and not too much of that. Travel can be stressful enough without worrying about your possessions. When you are tired and not in your home environment, it is easy to misplace or forget items.
  • An all weather raincoat or windbreaker is essential. A quilted vest that can layer over a sweater and under your coat is a good way to keep toasty.
  • Three pairs of carefully selected shoes should be enough. I like to bring a pair of ankle boots, a cute pair of trainers/walking shoes, and a dressier pair. My criteria is that all of the shoes have rubber soles and a cushiony inner sole. Nothing good will happen if your feet hurt.
  • A big carryall handbag or backpack finishes your travel wardrobe. I like to have a small cross body purse that is big enough to contain my passport, phone, glasses and other travel essentials. My preference is for backpacks because my hands are free and they are easier on my shoulders.
  • This is not a wardrobe that will get you “street style snapped”, but you will be comfortable and will blend in- something important in this day and age.










Bon Voyage, Happy Trails, Toot-a-loo!

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