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One of my passions  is travel and planning for a trip to …really anywhere. I am thinking about my next trip and am wanting to be prepared. Over time I’ve learned to pack more successfully resisting the urge of  taking lots of bulky “just in case” pieces that are never worn.

Start your travel wardrobe by shopping in your own closet and pull out the pieces that are tried and true and proven winners. A rule of mine is to never take anything that hasn’t been worn. Wearing comfortable clothing in an unfamiliar environment helps you feel “at ease”.

  • I like to look at pictures of where I am going and see what type of clothes people are wearing.
  • Check the temperatures and factor in the lows and the highs. You might have both extremes on the same trip. Spring travel is always unpredictable.
  • Use a clothing rack to hang your potential wardrobe. It is much easier to edit when the clothing is on hangers. Keep asking the question, “can this garment be worn three times and is it versatile?”
  • Start with a simple color scheme- black, gray, navy and olive are great travel colors- even for spring. Resist the urge to pack light or bright colors in clothing pieces. Accessories can make the darker colors look more seasonal.
  • Plan your shoes first. One pair of city shoes and one pair of more rugged “walkers”. Low boots are great for city sight seeing.
  • Plan to layer- start with an A’nue Ligne tank, add a tee shirt, sweater or jacket and a scarf. You can then adjust for varying temperatures. You want to be able to wear each garment you select at least three times.
  • A good rule of thumb is to pack two tops to every pair of bottoms. Three to four pairs of bottoms, 6 -7  tops, 2 vests, one sweater, one sweatshirt & one raincoat is good for 10 days to two weeks.
  • Avoid anything bulky.
  • Pack basics that can be dressed up or will work with jeans.
  • Look for fabrics that breathe, are washable and resist wrinkling. Jersey, cotton, denim and Tencel are good starters.
  • Focus on fit and function and select clothing that isn’t bulky, can be can layered and is multi-purpose.
  • You may need to include special clothing for sports activities that is different than your daily wear.
  • Always bring a scarf or pashmina on the plane. It can serve as an accessory, odor shield, blanket or head scarf.
  • Use a back-pack as your carry-on or go for a multi purpose tote that can stack on the handle of your luggage.
  • Have a plane “uniform” (layers) and wear it on all flights. Wear your heaviest clothes. Bring a good looking jacket or sweater- you never know when you are going to be invited to a fancy restaurant. I found one that is soft cotton and packs very well.
  • Pack well- feel confident- enjoy the experience.
  • These are some of my favorite travel pieces

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