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A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

Don’t stress
  • Always keep a sewing kit on hand with the basic colors of thread: black, white, navy, brown and cream. Take a minute and sew on a loose button or repair a tiny rip.
  • Keep a stash of double-sided tape and safety pins.
  • Hang wrinkled clothing in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will relax the wrinkles and freshen the clothes.
  • Keep a soaking bucket in your wash area. Pre-treat a stained garment with stain remover or soak item before washing.
  • A tip from our client Pam: make your own stain remover with 1t Dawn, 2-4 T hydrogen peroxide and 2 T baking soda. Rub the solution into the stain with a toothbrush ( pre-test a small area for color fastness). Wash normally.
  • To keep zippers in working condition, close the zipper before washing.
  • Turn all colored socks and blue jeans inside out when placing them in the washing machine. The lint collects on the outside of the garment and the clothes retain their color brightness.
  • Conversely, wash your underwear “right side out”, so that it can go from wash to your lingerie drawer.
  • Avoid leaving freshly laundered clothing in a mound and instead quickly fold the clothes while still warm from the dryer- fewer wrinkles.
  • When machine washing your “hand washables”, select cold water, low agitation and gentle soap. After washing, place the garment in the dryer for five minutes (only long enough to soften and relax the fibers). Remove immediately and hang or block out on a flat surface.
  • Keep a tube of E6000 handy to glue/repair just about anything. This glue will work on metal, jewelry, porcelain and leather. (Hobby Lobby & Michael’s)

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