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No More Summer Fashion Faux Pas

The good news is that summer is almost here (hooray). The bad news is that it’s easy to make fashion blunders when dressing for hot weather. It seems that most fashion mistakes happen when we haven’t tried on our clothing ahead of time to check for fit, worn the necessary underwear and added the accessories required for a finished look. The good news is that fashion faux pas can be avoided.

  •  Muffin top– this happens when the waistband on your pants is too tight. Try pull on pants that have a higher rise. That way you can “organize” the pudge. Always add a loose top that doesn’t “catch” on your middle.
  • Socks or hosiery with open-toed shoes- Socks and sandals just don’t work together. Toes just don’t look right encased in nylon in an open toed sandal. You can wear nude hose with a closed-toed shoe. If you are worried about “white” legs, use some of our CC cream to blend freckles and take the edge off the pale leg.
  • Tight clothing- Clothing that is too small definitely makes you look heavy. Don’t squeeze into your clothes- make sure that things fit the way they should (no sagging, bulging or squeezing). Do wear clothing that is figure flattering.
  • Clothing that is too large or not in “scale” for your body- Some of the over-sized tunics and wide legged pants can make you look like you are “drowning” in your clothes. A good rule of thumb is to pair a tunic top with skinny pants and wide legged pants should be worn with a fitted top.
  • Orangey self tanners- Don’t overuse self-tanners- they can look orangey and streaky and can smell when you perspire. You just might want to embrace “tan-less” skin.
  • Too many patterns– Pattern interplay can be great when the scale of the patterns is complimentary (small & medium sizes). Large patterns mixed together are hard on everyone’s eyes.
  • Rubber flip-flops- This style of shoe should be saved for the pool.
  • Crop tops- Midriff grazing tops should only be worn by the very young and very fit (and even then it is not a great look for street-wear).
  • Shoes that don’t fit– Toes shouldn’t be hanging over the front,  heels shouldn’t extend past the foot bed and the back of a shoe shouldn’t gap around the heel.
  • Visible underwear- Panty lines and bra straps should never be seen. There are lots of underwear choices that don’t involve wearing a thong. Wear a racer back or a strapless bra for tricky necklines.
  • Heavy makeup- Don’t overdo your makeup on hot days. Nothing looks worse than smeary eyeliner or smudged lipstick. Instead, wear indelible liners and BB cream for a smooth, flawless finish.
  • Bulky shoes with thin summer fabrics- A good rule of thumb in selecting footwear is think “like to like”. The thinner the fabric the thinner the shoe should be.  Heavier shoes look better with wide legged pants. Tennis shoes have become a fashion statement and they look great with lots of different pants.
  • Unkept feet- If you wear sandals, be sure to keep your feet and toes manicured. It’s fun to select different colors for your pinkies.
  • Absence of accessories- When it’s warm, it’s easy to back off from scarves and chokers- but accessories are often the glue that holds your outfit together. Bangles on your wrist, scarves worn as a belt or as a shawl, fancy earrings or a long pendant necklace can help dress up an outfit without ov.er-heating you. Stay away from anything tight on your neck.
  • Oversized, heavy or over-stuffed hand bags- Clean out your hand bag and change up your winter purse to a bright colored hand bag- instant style.
  •  Sticking only to white tees- Don’t forget that colorful prints in tops, tunics or blouses can really add zip and finish to your summer outfits. Patterns can help coordinate separates and add mileage to your summer wardrobe.
  • Fussy, faddish looks- Keep your clothing simple, tidy & thoughtfully assembled.

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