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So many things can go wrong with our clothing on any given day: spots, broken zippers, stained shoes, ripped hems… on and on. Be prepared- plan for emergencies. Create an emergency bag that you can carry in your purse, stow in your car or keep at your desk.

Safety Pins: Keep a stash of safety pins. You can fix a torn hem, hold together a waistband or truly save the day.

Double-sided tape: is perfect to fix a hem or hold a bra strap in place.

Twist Ties: Fasten the button to the shirt with the tie, and gently push the edges of the tie into the old button holes, then twist it closed until you can sew it back.

Soap or graphite pencil: a plain pencil will help ‘unstick’ a zipper to lubricate the mechanism and get it unstuck. You can use a bar of soap instead on lighter zippers.

Nail Polish: will help a run in your hose or tights.

Hair Spray: this is a big one.. bug spray to keep the mosquitos at bay;  shoe polish protector- spray a light coat over shoes after polishing to set the color and make the shine last; set make up;  remove static; runs in tights, remove static cling and help to remove lipstick stains on clothes.

Lip Balm: can be used on blisters to protect tender skin, unstick a zipper, tame flyaway hair, mascara smudges and to tame errant eyebrows.

White erasers: can be used on pesky zippers, a a back for earrings and to rub off scuff marks off of suede shoes.

Tide Pen: is an instant stain remover designed to help eliminate some of the toughest fresh food and drinks stains on the spot.

Baby Wipes: are great to remove dust, grease, deodorant and makeup from clothing.

Sewing Kit: keep a sewing kit on hand with the basic colors of thread: black, white, navy, brown and cream. Take a minute and sew on a loose button or repair a tiny rip.

Paper Clips: are great to replace a broken or lost zipper pull.

E 6000 or super glue: Keep a tube of E6000 and super glue handy to glue/repair just about anything. This glue will work on metal, jewelry, porcelain and leather (Hobby Lobby & Michael’s). Super glue is great to fix a heel on a shoe or to repair a torn sole.

Black Sharpie:  A black Sharpie is great to hide scuff marks on black shoes.


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