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Everyone has figure “spots”- parts of our body that we just don’t enjoy. What’s worse these “spots” change as we age and often become more troublesome. There’s not a lot we can do about our physiology, but you can learn style hacks to camouflage these troublesome body parts. A word of caution, camouflaging one part in isolation of your whole body can backfire. An example being, I have a short neck, but worry about about my double chin. Turtlenecks have always been my first choice to  cover my chin, but they make my neck look shorter. A good solution might be to wear a collared shirt which will open my neck, but eases the emphasis on my chin.

The trick is to find styles that flatter, fit your shape and wear the colors that enhance the beautiful you.



V-neck and scoop-neck tops, button-down shirts with the collar popped à la Candice Bergen, and scarves in soft colors all help camouflage turkey neck by drawing attention down and away from the area. Avoid non-accessorized high necklines and turtlenecks.


Excess stomach, hip, and back chub that hangs over the top of a too-tight waistband (a.k.a. love handles, spare tire).
Find pants in the proper rise so that the waistband doesn’t cut through he pudge. High-waist shapewear  can help and  higher-waist pants and skirts in suck-it-in fabrics like Ponte are also great. Adding a vest or a cardigan helps created a slim line. Avoid low-rise jeans, cropped tops, any waistband that squeezes you.


If your girls have grown, it’s good to wear simple scooped or v necklines, long sleeves or criss-crossed closings. Turtlenecks, deep v’s or plain bodices can be troublesome.

For a small bust wear designs that drape like a cowl neckline, collars, front tucking or embroidery.


The easiest way to balance heavy hips is to broaden your shoulder line and create interest around your upper torso. Fitted jackets with lapels, shoulder pads, scarves and open collars work well. Darker colors will slim while light or bright will draw attention.


Thick waists look better in boxy jackets or square shaped tops and sweaters work. Snug midriff styles,  princess styles or fitted  jackets can make larger waists look bigger.


Smooth, uninterrupted lines, overblouses, tunics and hip length jackets lengthen a short waist. Avoid contrasting belts, full skirts or waist details.

Long waists look great with waist and midriff detail, contrasting belts, high waisted pants or skirts.



Thickness in the lower-leg region, with little or no distinction between calf and ankle is a challenge. T-strap shoes, nude heels with pointy toes, and booties that are low cut on the top of the foot all visually lengthen the leg. Pairing opaque tights with the same color shoes also has that effect. If you’re wearing open-toe shoes, choose a nail polish that matches your skin tone.  Avoid
ankle straps, chunky heels, or any shoe that cuts off at the ankle. Your skirt hem will flatter if it ends either at your knee or below your calf.


You can convert sleeveless tops by wearing long sleeves underneath and shrugs, as well as anything with full sleeves, are terrific, too. Bell sleeves, bare shoulders & darker colors are good choices. Avoid sleeveless styles and cap sleeves.


Square shoulders are usually a good thing, but sometimes they can make you look off-balance. Stay away from shoulder pads, fitted blazers and jackets, spaghetti straps, but do wear scoop neck and V-neck tops that show some skin and break up the expanse of your chest area. Do wear wide-leg pants, which balance out your broadness up top. Do choose full skirts, which also help give the appearance of a more even proportion.

Narrow shoulders can be more challenging. Look for cap sleeves, structured jackets, square necklines, tops with horizontal stripes, and sleeves with any fullness or gathers. Wide legged pants, loose blouse tops, scoop necks and raglan sleeves can make your shoulders seem smaller.


One thing I noticed when writing about each of these areas is that most of them can be lessened by proper underwear and good posture. Spend time and effort in purchasing undergarments that flatter and minimize your “spots”.

Thanks to Oprah for some of the photos.

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