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I’ve got the mid-summer wardrobe blahs.

The temperatures are toasty and I think that my go-to outfit of jeans and a t-shirt lacks fashion pizazz. I head to my closet and it’s crowded with good intentions. What to do? The obvious answer is to edit and sort, but I also find the chore of cleaning my closet somewhat overwhelming. I’ll admit that it is hard to get rid of “perfectly good” clothes. The problem is that these “perfectly good clothes” aren’t being worn and they are clogging my closet. I’ve included some videos to help motivate you.

How to start?

Move anything out that doesn’t belong: anything leftover from winter or non-closet items.

Divide your project into sections. Start with pants one day, tops the next,  jackets and so on. This is much more manageable and less overwhelming. Like anything, once you get going, the task becomes easier.


Again, try on. Don’t hang on to tops just because you think you “need to keep”. I’m thinking of tired white tees, worn basics and designs that are so trendy that they are out of style (cold shoulders, asymmetrical necklines, peekaboo cutouts). If the top shows off midriff bulge or back fat get rid of it. Life is too short. Don’t hang on to things that you think you should love. If you aren’t wearing it, let it go. Just because you bought it on a trip doesn’t mean that it has a permanent passport for your closet.

Jackets & Sweaters

I have a disproportionate amount of summer jackets to the rest of clothes. I love sweaters and jackets, but don’t wear them because they are too warm. Divide the spring and summer jackets and sweaters. The spring jackets will be warm to wear in mid-summer.



Try on everything. Eliminate the ones that are too tight, too baggy or unflattering. You will never wear a pair of pants that is too long or too short in the crouch.

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