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Summer Fashion Faux Pas

The Danger  Zones


  • Never wear socks with sandals or hose with open toed shoes
  • Fresh pedicures are a must when wearing sandals
  • Winter boots with sundresses or shorts look weird


  • Don’t wear colored underwear under white clothing
  • Visible panty lines or exposed bra straps look icky
  • Great fitting tee shirt bras are a must for summer (remember bras need to be replaced every 6 – 9 months)


  • Avoid clothing that is too tight and shows a muffin top or back fat
  • Baggy or ill fitting clothing makes you look messy and out of date
  • White pants can emphasize “parts” that we sometimes wish to forget


  • Black pants can be paired with most colors on top, but black tees look choppy when worn with bright bottoms
  • Wearing all black clothing in summer looks hot and wintry


  • Go easy on self tanning creams- the results can be streaky and artificial looking
  • Use an indelible brow and eyeliner pencils to prevent smudging
  • Try a BB cream instead of a full foundation- the sheer finish will help you look fresh all day

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