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Summer In Manhattan: the good, the bad and the “help needed”

I love checking out street fashion wherever I am. This week I was in Manhattan finding treasures for the store and I was struck by the sartorial differences between Paris and Manhattan. The clothing is roughly the same, but the finished product looks much different. The biggest contrast I saw was in the New York girls’ choice of handbags and totes, the fit of their garments, their footwear and finally the lack of connecting accessories. The Manhattan gals for the most part missed the finish of the Frenchwomen.

This perplexes me because NYC is one of the fashion capitols of the world. Now I don’t know what happened to these ladies that morning or how long their commute was (I am definitely giving them the benefit of the doubt), but the important element in dressing well is to expect the unexpected. Maybe it is better to have fewer choices and better coordination. Also, some trends are just not flattering- jean shorts, rompers and shredded jeans look good on the young and the fit. The rest of us should take a pass.


Nicely put together


The lines of the styles don’t go together


No accessories, blah color & enormous tote


Pulled together, but again the enormous tote distorts her and she hasn’t had her morning coffee


Even though something is in fashion_ it doesn’t mean you should wear it


Green skirt

This gal is wearing a skirt that is too long- the length ruins her hip look- also her pink lace-uo tennies don’t coordinate


Great use of color and I love the the matching sweater- she would look better with some lipstick

Stripe dress

Cute pattern interplay


Proportion wrong for her figure- dirndl skirts are tough to wear


Good color, but she is schlepping too much


Nice summer outfit- the sweater on her shoulders brings the eye to her face


Yikes- too much going on with the purse, the dress and the cigarette


Tiny lady, cute dress and too big of a bag


Lacy shorts with hose looked too heavy for summer- also what is she dressed for- work or play?

IMG_0659 (1)

Hard to see, but her purse is cream, the blouse white and the shoes flesh tone. It would have been better if two things had matched. her skirt needs a pressing…


Great finish with the belt and accessories



IMG_0695 (2)

Nicely coordinated, but the nude shoes don’t give enough “balance” to the dark colors on her top


Definitely three faces of NYC- the gal on the right looks good, the lady on the left is colorful, but looks larger than she is because of all the different colors she is wearing

three women

Good, Better, Best


What do you think?




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