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Take action- don’t be a “settler”!

There are times in our life when we have to settle for the “middle” seat. Our choices seem limited and we select what appears to be “the best of the bad”. This repeated pattern of “settling” can become a habit or at least an expectation. But, with clothing it’s different, you do have choices and you REALLY don’t have to take the “middle” seat. Being aware and mindful of what looks good on you is the first step. Soooo… never settle on:

  • Poor fitting or worn out underwear. A good bra is essential for your clothing to look right and pantylines should never be visible. My favorite color for underwear is nude and my favorite shape for a bra is the tee-shirt style (smooth cups). Underwear should be non-binding and should’t squeeze our flesh.
  • Poor fitting clothing in general- clothing that is too baggy and large is just as unsightly as clothing that is too tight. Figures change- your clothing needs to reflect the shape you have now.
  • Clothing that hasn’t been altered to fit your unique shape. Pant hems and jacket sleeves should be fixed so that they aren’t dragging on the floor or drooping over your fingertips.
  • Run down or worn shoes. My motto is repair or replace!
  • Buying clothing because of deep discounts/sales- not because they fit well or have a purpose in your wardrobe
  • Out-of-date hair style- nothing enhances your look more than an updated hair style. If you color your hair- make sure that the color is right for you and your complexion. The same color doesn’t usually work for your whole lifetime. Maintain your “roots” and get regular trims.
  • Too much makeup or too little. Everyone looks better with a little lipstick, blush and mascara. Update your products and learn new ways of application.
  • Styles/fashions that are outdated or have seen “their” better day. You don’t need a new wardrobe every season, but you do need to consider the timeliness of a style or a look. Often we hang onto clothing waiting for the style to be reborn. When the style does return (as they all do),usually there is enough difference between the two versions that the original doesn’t look right.
  • Clothing that is uncomfortable, itchy, binding or stiff. Really, life is too short.
  • Anything that makes you feel awkward, old, stodgy or the dreaded fat. We can change our mood and attitude by updating and selecting clothing that makes us feel relevant and happy.




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