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The Best Way To Launder Your Clothing

Many of the samples that we carry at NPR don’t have laundry care labels and we are constantly being asked how to take care of the garment. Here are a few tried and true tips that will help keep your clothes fresh and extend the life.

  • Wash clothing inside out.
  • Go easy on detergent- use less than the recommended amount. Look for detergents without added “boosters”. I also look for clear detergent. The blue color sometimes stains your clothes if poured directly on the fabric.
  • Use the delicate cycle with cold water- use this cycle for everything but sheets and towels.
  • After washing, dry the clothes for maybe 5 minutes (just enough to get the fibers warm). The heat will relax the wrinkles and soften the fabric.
  • Take out and hang or dry flat.
  • Do not wander off or get distracted during this step- the key is not to dry, but to warm.

laundry tips

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