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  • Make sure that there are no summer or warm weather clothing still hanging in your main closet. Double check for stains, holes, missing buttons when you remove the clothing.
  • Make a second pass through your fall/winter clothes. If you haven’t worn the garment yet, why not? You may be done with it- time to donate!  Some things just don’t look good or fit today like they did years ago. Take time for a “try-on”- if you haven’t worn something try it on. Be picky about what stays in your closet.
  • Make your mornings effortless by re-arranging your closet to suit you. Hang clothes by shade or organize types of clothes (blouses, tops and dresses together)  so that you can pull your outfits together fast.
  • Re-winterize your shoes and prep them for messy winter weather by waterproofing them with a spay.
  • Hang light weight sweaters on slim, velvety hangers and fold heavy sweaters so they don’t loose their shape.
  • Hang your coat in a separate closet- always button, zip and check for stains before hanging up.
  • January is a perfect time to add to your wardrobe – go “sale-ing”. A new sweater or top can really help alleviate the winter blahs.
  • Organizing your closet- even if you only have a half an hour- will energize you.

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