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A comment that we often hear from our shoppers is that they don’t need anything because they aren’t going anywhere. True- but while you may not be going anywhere, you still need to take care of yourself and dress as though you are headed out. It’s all about our mental health. Recently I read an article called
“The Case for Getting Dressed” and I think the information is spot on and perfect for today
“The way we dress has a correlation with our emotional state,” says Elizabeth Beecroft, an LMSW based in New York. “If we’re looking a bit crusty, in the same outfit we’ve worn the last few days, that has an impact on how we feel either in general or about ourselves.” We’re currently in a time where we may feel isolated, less connected, and alone. “It could become really easy to not have the motivation to want to get out of our pajamas or just simply due to being in the comfort of our living room not feeling it’s necessary.”
“Staying stuck in your pajamas day after day sets your mood. It literally keeps you stuck,” offers Jennifer Musselman, a psychotherapist who lives between Los Angeles and San Francisco. She says that not getting dressed can also lead you to eat poorly, drink more, and reduce positivity and engagement in life across the board. When we take time in the morning to shower and put on clean clothes (yes, comfy clothes are included) we tend to feel more put-together, confident, and ready to take on the day. And this can help us show up better in life and be more focused, even from the comfort of the couch.” You can check out the whole article in The Case for Getting Dressed by Sara Radin.
One of the upsides of 2020 is that we have had the rare chance to focus on ourselves and the time to change or create new habits. Why not take advantage of this: think about a new hair style; or a new hair color; see if you can wear everything in your closet this season; or channel a 50’s housewife and dress in a shirtwaist & apron for a casserole dinner? Anything to keep you engaged, happy and mentally sound. In times of stress self-care is essential. Make yourself a priority.

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