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You have your suitcase packed, the mail forwarded, your itinerary in hand and you are ready for the LONG flight.  Some airlines are gearing up for commercial flights that could last 20 hours or more for the first time. How do you stay comfortable (regardless of how long the flight)?  Here are my suggestions and the tips from some experts.

  • A good personal bag for travel should have plenty of space, zipper closures, and pockets & compartments for organization.
  • Start with your seat selection– choose a good seat when possible. Look at exit row seats for more legroom, aisle seats if you want easy access to the loo or like to move around, windows seat if you want to sleep. I like an aisle seat in the front of the plane.
  • Stay hydrated when you’re thousands of miles up in the sky! Airplanes dehydrate your whole body quickly and will not only make you feel bad but can also do a number on your skin and eyes.
  • A good hand moisturizer, a tinted face moisturizer that can also act as a concealer, under eye cream lip balm, and a re-useable water bottle. I like the Vapur ones for your travels as they roll up small enough to fit in your pocket when empty yet they hold an entire liter of water.
  • Chances are you’re also time traveling as you’re in the air so, as soon as you board, set your clocks to the local time in your destination and rest as if you were already there.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Pull on pants, compression socks, closed toe shoes, light jacket or sweater and a cozy scarf are my uniform. I love the hoodie style- you can pull the hood up when it’s time to sleep.
  • Bring anti-bacterial wipes: a somewhat sanitized area should help you relax and rest a bit easier.
  • Colgate Wisps for your teeth and a facial cleansing wipe for your face. A travel-sized deodorant and breath mints are other easy steps to helping you feel fresh and clean before during and after your flight.
  • Prepare to sleep: bring a good travel pillow, sleep mask, ear plugs, toothbrush and some simple toiletries. Being able to brush my teeth before sleeping/napping gets me ‘ready’. I use my scarf as a blanket. I also always carry Visine for my eyes and Aquaphor for my lips and nose.
  • Bring your electronics and don’t forget your chargers in your carry-on.
  • Bring eye-glass cleaner and wipes: nothing is worse than smudged, dirty eye-glasses.
  • Bring your own food: I always stash some nuts, granola, dried fruit and almond butter.
  • Take it easy on the alcohol: having too much will affect your sleep on the flight and make you feel worse after landing.
  • Stay hydrated: (I’ll say it again) drink two liters of non carbonated water and herb teas.
  • Noise cancelling headphones: are a good investment.
  • Sleep as much as you can but don’t forget to move around the cabin frequently.
  • Avoid extended viewing of illuminated screens–  I try to put away put away the electronics early in the flight- the light messes with your sleep rhythms.
  • Make friends with your seat mates: be nice- one of the best ways to survive a long-haul flight is to strike up a conversation with the person next to you. It makes it much easier to get up and move around if you are on a friendly basis.
  • Add a scarf or a piece of jewelry to your outfit before you arrive at your destination. You will feel more “ready”.
  • Relax: I love to fly because really there is nothing I can do but read, think, meditate and get excited about my destination. The peacefulness is a real bonus for me.

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