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Time Vampires: are you being robbed?

Are you being robbed?
  • Make your closet look better and more organized by removing extra hangers, dry cleaning bags and clutter off the floor.
  • Commit to re-hanging your clothes correctly; right side out, facing in the same direction and organized with like to like clothing.
  • Have appropriate storage bins or containers. If you can’t see it, it will be hard to find. One of the most creative uses for scarf storage came from my friend Toni. She placed her scarves in a hanging, white nylon shoe organizer. They are available to hang over your closet door or on a closet rod (Container Store).
  • Use drawers for underwear and jammies and such. Remember, out of sight, out of mind.
  • Edit, edit, edit! If a garment doesn’t look good on Monday, it won’t look any better on Wednesday. Keep a plastic bag in your closet handy for discards.
  • Keep an index card in your pocketbook filled with items that you need or want to replace or take a picture of the item. Then, when you are shopping, you can be specific. Include out of season items as well… you never know what you will see.
  • Only hang clothing that you actually wear in your main closet.

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