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Some women do look better with age. Why? Cosmetic surgery or dermatological procedures can perk things up and certain women admit it. Others claim it’s all lucky genes, an addiction to workouts and a strict healthy diet. We’re all in the same boat famous or not.  My heroines are women who keep their looks intact but don’t try to be 25 or 35 again.

1. UPDATE YOUR HAIR STYLE. Ageless women have loose, lush, slightly tousled hair. Get “invisible” layers for  movement, use volumizing sprays, Velcro roller sets and dry shampoo for body.

2. USE HAIR COLOR TO BRIGHTEN THEIR SKIN. They go a shade or two warmer, brighter, lighter or throw in a few highlights (even those with grey hair) to restore radiance and counteract dull or blotchy skin. Dyed dark hair can be aging because it doesn’t complement older skin.


3. USE MORE EYE MAKEUP NOW THAN EVER. They strategically apply primer, liner, shadows and mascara to enlarge, firm, lift and define their eyes.


4. GROOM YOUR BROWS. Full, extended brows add bone structure and lift saggy lids. Go to a brow pro to learn how to shape or fake your own with powder and pencil.


6. WEAR NUDE, PINK OR BRIGHT RED LIP COLORS. Lipstick is essential, but toss out deep wine, burgundy, and brown hues. Those hues make older lips look severe and thinner. Coral, pink and red can really light up your face. Be cautious of anything too light because too little color makes drains the color from your face.



Clear, tortoise shell, colored- your pick. Glasses are expensive, but are a big part of your look. Think every two years and be sure to take pictures of yourself in the frames you are considering. A picture will help you evaluate the frame on you.

8. TAKE ALONG YOUR OWN SNACKS. Stay away from calorie packed trail mix and full-fat lattes. Bring your water, an apple or a bag of carrots to munch on when you are out and about.


10. KEEP HANDS AND FEET GROOMED 24/7. Ragged cuticles, chipped polish and mismatched nails look messy and old. File, shape and buff all to a rosy gleam or schedule regular mani-pedi maintenance.


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