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To belt or not to belt?

Lodis3Belts are a great accessory and can add pizazz to almost any outfit, but many gals are belt “phobic”. They fear that the belt will “cut them in two” or will emphasize a thick waist. I have found that wearing the right belt will have the opposite effect.

  • For a thicker waist: wear elastic, chain or contour belt. Arrange the belt over your thickest part and add a cardigan or a vest. The parallel lines of the cardigan give you instant slimness.
  • Wide, straight belts work well on slim waists. If you have a slim waist, but proportionately larger hips, wear chain or asymmetrical “bandolier style” belts.
  • Regardless of your waist size, do not fasten the belt tightly or wear a belt that is too small.
  • Belts that match your hair color are always useful.
  • Belts in contrasting colors create visual interest.

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