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With no access to salons for the last six weeks, many of you are taking the plunge and letting your hair go gray (or at least try). There are tons of resources available on how to go gray, but then what? What happens to your wardrobe? Can you still wear the same colors, accessories and makeup? What needs change? Let’s check it out.

  • When you change your hair color, it’s like changing the matting around a picture. All of the colors in the picture look different. The same is for your face. Your skin and eyes take on a different effect.

  • Your makeup needs to be updated. A brighter lipstick and rosier blush will help combat the feeling of being all one color. Your foundation may need to be changed as well. It’s tempting to skip makeup, but don’t. Makeup adds some contrast to your face.

  • Don’t forget your eyebrows. Orangey or warm brown products won’t work now. You will want to find a product that is a cool brown or a brown/gray.

  • Silver tones for jewelry will be better than gold tones. Rose gold can work if you have warm skin tones.

  • Your scarves and prints will work better if there is silver or gray in the pattern. That way the pattern connects you with your hair color.

  • Your red brown leather goods will not be as useful. If that color is your favorite, then transition wearing red brown with gray clothing.

  • Shoes switch out too. Remember you are connecting your “head/face” with your body.

  • Reconsider your eyeglass frames. Gold frames may not enhance the new you. Also, orangey tortoise shell frames won’t work as well as they did when tour hair was brown.

  • A cute haircut is a must. Gray hair will age you if it is left unkept or messy.

Remember, these are generic guidelines and each of you will gray a little differently. Some hair colors will be silver while others may be taupe, more mushroom or blond. Change can be exciting (and if you hate it, you can always color your hair again). Talk to your hairdresser- see what they think.



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