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Warm weather dressing is definitely tricky. It’s easy to look messy when the temperatures climb into the nineties- makeup melts, hair frizzes or goes flat & clothes wrinkle, ugh. Here are some strategies to stay crisp and fresh when the temperature climbs.

  1. Hair and makeup are 80% of your personal appearance: if they look good, you’ll look good. Unfortunately, good hair and makeup are much harder to achieve  in the summer. Minimalist routines work well in heat: go easy on your makeup. Skip the foundation and use a BB cream; use a powder blush rather than a cream; use brow ink or an indelible pencil; go easy on the eye liner; use waterproof mascara; and make sure you use a lip liner so that your lipstick stays on longer.
  2. Don’t fight your hair’s natural texture. It’s too hard to maintain in humidity. Let it be more natural- wavy if you have curly hair, straight if it’s naturally straight. Keep your hair  away from your face and off your neck. Hair clips, head bands and cute barrettes can help.
  3. Dresses and skirts allow for more air circulation than pants or shorts.
  4. Wide legged pants are cooler than skinny jeans.
  5. Don’t tuck things in, and unless your workplace demands it, don’t even think about pantyhose.
  6. I have found that rubbing Medium BB cream on my legs is a great alternative to self tanners. It doesn’t smell, rub off or look fake.
  7. A maxi can be as comfortable as a shorter dress- just ask the gals in Dallas.
  8. Choose natural fabrics like cotton or linen for coolness (though knit dresses aren’t terrible).
  9. Wear light colors. Dark colors absorb heat, and make you feel hotter. Two of my favorite summer staples are tan cotton pants and a sage cotton/linen skirt. BUT…
  10. You can wear black in a dress or a top with unique necklines or details.
  11. Neutrals: cream, taupe, beige are a good alternative to white. Neutrals look great with a pop of color- maybe in a handbag or shoes.
  12. Tops with 3/4 sleeves should be a go-to. You don’t need to add another piece to look finished.
  13. Looser designs keep you cooler by letting more air circulate. Flowing styles are better suited to summer. Stay away from tight anything.
  14. Layer- prepare for wild temperature swings when you go from the outside to a chilly office building or mall. Carry a lightweight cardigan or jacket (or stash one in your desk or purse). Always have a 3/4-sleeve cardigan or denim jacket handy in the summer time.
  15. I don’t feel put together if I’m just wearing a t-shirt and pants- accessories are a key part of a summer wardrobe and really help finish an outfit.
  16. Tie a scarf around your waist, in your hair or on your handbag for style without unwanted warmth. Stay away from wrapping your neck. The same scarf could then be used as a wrap around your shoulders when you go into air conditioning.
  17. Go for statement jewelry—an armful of bangles, a long necklace or pretty earrings. Avoid neck chokers- they are too hot. Gold looks good in the summer.
  18. You’ll look more put together if you wear pretty sandals. Sandals with a rubber sole will keep your feet cooler and more comfortable.
  19. The new loose culottes are great for toasty temperatures.
  20. Keep your pedicure fresh.


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