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Lyon has been a wonderful surprise with everything from ‘traboules’ (secret passageways), to beautiful store windows to fabulous food. The city is amazingly beautiful and for 80 years it has been recognized  as the food capital of France and the world. It was the home of Paul Bocuse and his legend lives on. I have stuffed and over-stuffed myself!

I am always on the look-out for cute street fashion and I thought it would be fun to compare Paris and Lyon fashion-wise. The women look very stylish in Lyon- maybe a little ‘healthier’ and more relaxed than the Parisian’s. There are definite trends: leather moto jackets, high-waisted jeans, ankle boots, hip tennis shoes and of course scarves and more scarves. What was interesting is that the colors found in the food creations are repeated in the clothing colors worn: ochre, aubergine, crimson and black. Click on the picture to expand the view…

  • Jeans: Mostly skinny, some boyfriend and some wider legs. Most are high waisted, have holes and rolled hems.

red scarf and shoes two generations of jean wearers

  • Black: Always looks good.

all in black On the way to workCamel jacket

  • Shorts and tights: Only for the young

Not for the faint of heart

  • Scarves: Always finish an outfit.

Happy coupleHip couple Mom and baby Mannequin in green Red hair

  • Moto Jackets: Black is the favorite color.

Moto JacketOn the way to worksuede moto jacket

  • Utility Jackets: Good alternative to the moto jacket

Utility jacket

  • Oche and Aubergine

JeansWide legged pants, gold and op art

  • Leopard prints: Works around the world.

Leopardleopard lady

  • Ponchos: Helps dress up simple outfits.


  • Stylin’ young ladies: Youth is a friend to fashion.

sunglasses Petite gal in white ombre hair

  • Fashion faux pas: No one is perfect.

pants under a skirt shoppersfashion gone wrong

  • Some of my favorite dishes: Turbot, Quenelles and dessert.

Turbot quenelles de brochet Nantua Dessert

  • Guignol: The mascot of Lyon- he was an impulsive young fellow, quick tempered, who wore his heart on his sleeve. He championed the weak, defends the oppressed and rallies against injustice.

puppet coming out of the mirror







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