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My few days in Paris last week were well spent checking out the trends and styles. C’est magnifique! April (worldwide) is an awkward month for dressing: not winter (even if it is cold) not spring (even if the calendar disagrees). Consequently, there was little bit of everything being worn. You have to remember that dressing in Paris is an olympic sport. It’s always fun to figure out what makes their outfits look so “put together”. I did notice on this trip that either one contrast color punctuates a look (maybe a scarf or a shoe) or two colors are matched (jacket and purse).

Just for fun I added a section of looks that didn’t quite make it- some trends shouldn’t be worn regardless of where you are.

Dash of gold: Wow- the color looked fresh!

Animal Prints: Yes, this is a world-wide phenomenon.

Short jackets: Very similar to our Insight jackets.

Short boots or flats rather than sneakers 

3/4 length coats 

Black, black and more black 

Faux fur coats

Baggy pants and loose linen summer clothing

Pure French (classic) style

Matching Denim Outfits: I know what you are thinking, but who knows?

Fashion Faux Pas (remember, rompers are not a good thing)

What do think? What is your favorite?

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