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Observing street fashion in Paris is always great sport. You can see the unusual, sometimes the bizarre and mostly the beautiful (all in one block). Parisian’s take their dressing very seriously. Everyone seems to make a big effort and spends much energy on their appearance. I did observe some common threads: great coats and sweaters, interesting shoes, attention to detail and fit and more than adequate grooming. Most of all there is a great enthusiasm to embrace  new styles and trends. (What I didn’t see were gals wearing yoga pants) Enjoy the sights…

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Scarves: Always a great way to finish any outfit!

red jeans and blue poncho gold scarf Plaid skirt and plaid scarf shorts and scarfwhite poncho

Plaid: It seemed that everyone was wearing something plaid.

Plaid skirt Plaid coat Red plaid coat purple plaidEverything at oncePlaid expensive suit

Metallic: Shiny jackets, metallic shoes & skirts.

Plaid and silver shimmery skirt

Gold: Pops of the bright color were everywhere!

Gold suit friendswhite hair

Denim: Popular world over…

red lipstickGreen and black + denimsmoke break

Black: What else can I say?

girl in the hat Well dressed womenCouple in blackFancy and casual

Mom’s and their kids: One of the things I noticed this week (it was fall break in Paris) was the care the mom’s took in their children’s clothing. The kids were super cute!

kids going to schoolcamel coat and boysmom and son

Bare legs and tights: A little of this and a little of that.

Bare legsPlaid skirt and plaid scarfshorts and bootsPeach and bare

Fur: Glamour- it really wasn’t that cold!

Fur vestFur vest on Chinese girl

Hats: Interesting (and yes they still wear berets).

red beretGray outfit and hathat

Skirts: I saw gals wearing shorts and tights and knee length skirts. What seems to be the “newer” look is the long knife pleated.

shorts and boots Grandma stylin' black skirtBurgundy skirt

Leopard: Some looked great and some looked garish- you be the judge.

More leopardleopard coat

Long coats: Everyone walks in Paris, so your coat is a very important part of your wardrobe.

Green coatBlack coat

Stylin’ on the way to work

Intrepid cyclist riding to work


Shoes: Ankle boots, tall boots, high boots and sleek tennis shoes- not too many heels- EXCEPT for this pair (seen on the Metro)!

Girl on the subway


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