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No one puposely wants to wear the wrong color, but sometimes we end up with a shade that just doesn’t flatter. One of the ¬†keys to selecting colors that look good on you is to understand your own coloring and specifically your neutrals.

Your neutrals are the colors that represent your hair color, your eyes, your skin tone and your reds. The challenge we all have is that our neutrals change/evolve as we age. The coloring we have at age 50 is usually quite a bit different than the coloring we had at age 18. It is often hard to wrap our “head” around this change. The most obvious mistake is to select a color that clashes with one of our neutrals. The challenge is to adjust our look as we age. Your worst colors for you to wear are those that clash with your hair, skin or red tones. Here are some examples:

  1. Wearing beige that clashes with your hair color or is too dull for your hair color

august red head beigeGorgeous brunette woman.

2. Wearing unrelieved black

August all black 3August all black 2August bad black 4

3. Wearing colors that clash with your red/skin tones or overwhelm you

August wrong reds 2UPN TCA PartyAugust bad red]Businesswoman use of the smartphone

4. Wearing colors that don’t go well with your skin tone

August dark haired in beigeAugust black woman with too grayAugust bad goldAugust bad mad men


5. Most gals look great in periwinkle blue, medium violet, watermelon red, warm pink, turquoise, jade green & soft white.

6. If you color your hair, don’t try to repeat the color you had as a youngster. Finding the right color for the age you are now is both an art and a science. seek out a professional.

What color has been the most difficult for you to wear? Has your coloring changed? We would love to hear your stories.

The next post will be neutrals that flatter!


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