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A friend and I were talking about New Year’s resolutions and and she suggested a different kind of ‘resolution list’. I tried the exercise and found my results to be really insightful and useful. It will work equally well at the beginning of a month or at the beginning of a new year.
Sit down with two sheets of paper. Write “do more” at the top of one sheet and “do less” at the top of another sheet. On the “do more” sheet, list things you want to be doing more of in your life. It can be fun stuff or self improvement stuff – whatever. This list will probably be easy. On the “do less” sheet, do the opposite and list things you want to be doing less of in your life. This one is harder, but just as important. Of course the goal is to do more of the highlighted things on the “do more” list and do less of the highlighted things on the “do less” list. It was a big relief just to identify what I wanted to focus on… My list is on my fashion blog- I would love to see yours.

What I want to do more of in 2019…. laugh, time for friends, French food, travel, skiing, puzzles, sleep, forgiveness, great fitting jeans, being in the moment, mindfulness…

What I want to do less of in 2019…worry about political events, sugar, television, mindless web surfing, negativity, gossip, frowning, confusion, flab, forgetfulness…

Knowing what you want is half the battle… the other half is changing your mind-set. It does take an action plan, but well worth it when you consider that being stuck or static is no fun.

What do you want?

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