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Every season the Pantone Color Institute predicts the season’s colors. Pantone has clout in the fashion world because most of the designers gear their collections around the selected colors. We, as consumers, end up filling our closets with these colors.  This season, “The colors this fall show a unity of strength, confidence and complexity”, says Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Pantone Institute of Color. Hmmm, what does this mean? It’s confusing for sure, but I know that once we see the colors, we will find our favorites.
  1. Riverside Blue: This color is great on those with blue eyes, but everyone can wear the color of denim. It will look great when combined with hair color shoes or belt.
August Riverside
2. Airy Blue: This blue looks good on blue eyed gals, those with silver/light gray hair and light blonds. It is not as good on those with an olive complexion or those with brown eyes.
August airy blue
3. Sharkskin: This a great neutral and the darker values can be worn by most, but can look drab on olive complexions.  This color of gray always looks good when combined with a pop of color.
August Sharkskin
4. Aurora Red: My favorite and can be worn by most except those  with very fair complexions or those with light eyebrows. This is a great color for accessories or lipstick – projects confidence.
August Aurora red
5. Warm Taupe: This is a color that a blonde can get excited about – a color that can be a wardrobe staple. But, it can clash on women with red, gray or black hair. Also, this color can be too dull for those with pale skin. It’s a great shade, though, for hand bags and shoes.
August Warm taupe
6. Dusty Cedar: Can be worn by most and is an excellent color for lipstick and nail polish. Women with olive-toned skin should avoid – it’s not bright enough.
August Dusty Cedar
7. Luscious Meadow: Great on those with dark brown, black or red hair. Complements medium to dark complexions. It can be too bright for pale skin and light hair.
August PANTONE-18-5845-Lush-Meadow
8. Spicy Mustard: What can I say – just like on your sandwich – a little goes a long way. Good accent color. Works on dark skins, dark hair and some red heads. Terrible on fair, light-skinned women.
August Spicy Mustard
9. Potters Clay: This color is great on many. I would say that only the ash blondes and those with red/pink in their skin should avoid. It is a wonderful color for leather goods and accessories – a staple for fall clothing.
August Potters Clay
10. Bodacious: This an unexpected fall color and works well on those with blonde hair, pink skin or those who are very dark. Also, can work with gray hair. This is a color that a little goes a long way.
August Bodacious
What is your favorite color? Which shade do you think you will buy?

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