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“An attitude of gratitude fills a heart with happiness.” –Debasish Mridha

Thunderstruck! On October 21, I learned that NPR’s lease was not being renewed. It turns out that the glasses store next to us will be expanding into our current space. The news launched me into a full throttle freak out! I had so many conflicting emotions: fear, anger, sadness- you name it. My overwhelming thought, though, was that I wasn’t “done”. I still wanted to provide a shopping oasis and wanted to continue to help you find wonderful clothing at discounted prices. I still wanted to continue the relationships that I have developed with all of you.

I think about how loyal you have been over the years and have come to realize that your continued loyalty is why NPR is successful. I am grateful that you shop at NPR. I have selected a new space that I think will be perfect: large enough for all of the lines, roomy enough for the seminars and cozy enough that we can give you one on one attention. The deal isn’t completely done and I don’t want to jinx it by telling you the location. Until the end of January we will be in our current space and it is business as usual with lots of fun holiday events. Stay tuned…
At the end of the day, this upheaval has left me with an attitude of gratitude and excitement (and just a little anxiety). I know the new space will be wonderful with easy access. I know my staff will continue to provide you wonderful service. We are all embracing this change and are confident that with your support that NPR will thrive and grow.

In fashion,

Ann & the fabulous NPR  ladies

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