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There is always an ongoing debate about what styles date/age you- and there is an abundance of available information to check out- some good, some misleading. The trick is to weed through the tips and guides and find what works for you. We can become so accustomed to our appearance and that we don’t realize how dated it might be. It’s challenging because what dates one gal, makes someone else look fun and hip. A good idea is to check in with yourself and periodically evaluate your look.

The areas that are the most troublesome are the following:


  • Good posture is key to looking young and Pilates and Yoga should be your friends.
  • Slumped shoulders, pouchy belly and stiff posture age you.
  • Work hard with exercise to avoid the humped, middle aged back.
  • Practice walking with some zip in your step- avoid a trudging gait.

Hair Color

  • As we get older all of us face the dilemma of whether to color our hair or to let it go natural. There are pros and cons for either choice, but it is important to know that hair color is one of the most obvious signs of aging.
  • Hair that is colored too dark of a shade ages you.
  • Frosted streaks look like the 1960’s.
  • Visible roots are aging and distracting.
  • If you let your hair go gray make sure that it is cut in a fresh, updated style.
  • One of the easiest ways to keep a youthful look is to streak your hair with either highlights or lowlights. The added color gives texture and dimension to your hair.
  • Don’t color your air in a color not found in nature. Purple, blue or pink highlights look weird.

Hair Style

  • The first thing most people notice about you is your hair style. Find a stylist that can not only help implement your vision, but will give you a true sense of what your hair can do.
  • If your hair is thin, your best bet is to go a little shorter.
  • Hair that is too long (past the shoulders) or too big looks wrong. Avoid the hippie look.
  • Tame frizzy hair with hair products, but don’t go heavy on hair spray.
  • Avoid scrunchies, headbands and banana clips.
  • A teased up hair style is aging.

Skin Care

  • Our skin is the first place where our age shows. It’s impossible to stop the clock, but there are products that slow the process.
  • Retin A, Hyaluronic Acid, Clarifying C Serum all can help your skin’s texture.
  • CeraVe moisturizing cream is great for the body and helps minimize crepey looking skin.
  • A broad spectrum SPF should be worn every day.
  • Facials, laser treatments, antioxidants  and a little botox can help reduce wrinkles and enhance your complexion.


  • The natural look is best, but all of us need some makeup to bring out our best face. You should re-think your makeup routine after each birthday.
  • Avoid cakey foundation and heavy powder.
  • Stay away from lipstick that is too dark or too pale.
  • Take care of your brows and find a product that looks natural to fill them in.
  • Your hair can be gray, but gray eyebrows really age you.
  • Colored eye shadow, heavy eye liner and spider looking or clumped mascara set you back.
  • Hands age first- don’t call attention to them by wearing burgundy or black nail polish.


  • Accessories are the best tools to update your presentation. They can really make or break your look.
  • Avoid big chunky necklaces especially if your neck has become your enemy.
  • Skinny scarves tied in a bow or a big square scarf tied like a girl scout should be avoided.
  • Rhinestone jewelry is too flashy and bright.
  • Tiny chains get lost.
  • If your hair is gray, switch over to silver jewelry .
  • Bright shiny gold does not enhance an aging face.
  • Chandelier earrings that pull your ear lobes look bad.
  • Avoid matchy sets of earrings and necklaces. Choose coordinates that are a little off, but still go together.
  • Your hand bag should be proportioned to your size: not too small, but not over-sized and sloppy. Don’t overstuff it and make sure it is well maintained. A hand bag that looks old makes you look old.


  • Probably the number one thing that will make you look old is clothing that doesn’t fit.
  • Visible bra straps and bras that don’t fit are a no-go.
  • Tight, too big or too revealing is aging. Make sure that when you leave the house your rolls are covered.
  • Sloppy looks detract. Fit and attention to proportion are key.
  • Both mini and maxi lengths look contrived on gals over 50.
  • Shapeless dresses and long tops without belts.
  • Baggy “mom” pants look messy.
  • Most styles will work if the fit is spot on and the design is age appropriate.


  • Jersey or clinging fabrics are unforgiving
  • Stiff fabric that hangs away from your body is off-putting.
  • Pendleton type wool looks old because that type of fabric is not used in modern designs.


  • This is often the hardest to change because we become very accustomed to one look. It is also true that one look or style doesn’t fit all.
  • If you love vintage, make sure it looks current not dowdy.
  • Avoid completely covering up. Showing some skin looks good and helps give you a youthful look.
  • It’s good to show some definition of waist (even when your waist has gotten bigger).
  • Again, make sure your clothes fit you well. Sleeves that are too long or hems that are too short or long make you look unkept.


  • The curious times we are living right now have definitely affected our shoe choices. High heels just don’t work well because the clothing that is being worn right now is very casual.
  • You want to avoid orthopedic looks or crocs, but snazzy tennis shoes look good and feel good.
  • Kitten heels, 2 inch pumps or a wedge are a good alternatives to high heels.
  • Sandals in the summer and ankle boots in the winter are good choices. Avoid styles that are heavy and clunky. Heavy footwear doesn’t work with slim pants.

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