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What not to wear after the age of fifty ( or really anytime)

I have spent a good many years giving fashion advice about what trends, styles and colors will work for you and be appropriate for your age. My advice seems to go on and on. Still, there are a few things that no woman (especially one over the age of 50) should ever wear. This article is adapted from Michelle Combs’ blog.


  1. The weight of the world.

Wearing the weight of the world makes your shoulders slump and your neck sag- definitely aging. Scale back your worrying for a slimming effect. As my mother always told me, “worrying never changed anything”.


  1. Shame and regret.

This is an impossible look to carry off. You look haunted and tortured- like someone just asked you to eat a bowl of kale. After fifty we need to look forward not backward. Plus, looking tortured makes your eyes look squinty and saggy.


  1. Rose-colored glasses.

Aw, if they only worked. They mask what is real and important and prevent you from moving forward in a meaningful way. Reality is daunting, but as the expression goes: the truth will set you free.


  1. Stiff upper lip.

There are times to be stoic, but not all the time.  Too much stiff upper lip causes those funky vertical lines around your mouth that make your lipstick bleed and smear. It’s okay to not always show your feelings, but a grin is a softer and more youthful look.


  1. Too many hats.

Seriously, why do we believe we have to be experts at everything? Wearing too many hats is confusing and after the age of fifty, you don’t want to be more confused than you already are. Also, for most of us, hats wreck our hair and are a last minute resort to hide “bad” hair. Again, one of my mom’s sayings, “Don’t be a jack-of-all trades and master of none”- too aging and aggravating.


  1. Resting “dog” (rhymes with witch) face. 

We all know what this is… yikes! Frowning causes those aging “marionette” lines around your mouth and makes you look cranky. Also, the steely eyed glare scares young children and causes deep wrinkles around the eyes. Instead, try a welcoming and kind smile. Your wrinkles will soften and you will look younger.

It’s always hard to know what new looks are right for you. A lot depends on your figure, your coloring, your interests and your comfort level. It has always been my passion to help my clients bridge new styles with what actually looks good on them. There is not one formula or one style.


do know, though, that you should avoid short shorts (really- anything that starts with “mini”), see through tops, sweatpants with writing on the backside, fishnet stockings and holiday themed sweaters…honest…scouts honor.



March weight of the world

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