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My granddaughters and I had some bad haircuts a few years ago. The girls cut bangs that were a big pain to them and I went to a new stylist who did not understand my poker straight fine hair. He was more interested in showing me how skilled he was at cutting (a lot). We recovered, but it is a painful and lengthy process.

I have found that bad haircuts happen when you are trying to something that is counter to what your hair can do (think eighties perms) or that you have unrealistic expectations.

Bad Haircuts:

  • The first word of precaution is be very clear and specific when going to a new stylist. Expressions like, “I want something different” or “Please just do what you think is best” are harbingers of disaster. Have a plan, some photos and a heavy dose of realistic expectations.
  • If you do get a style that isn’t what you expected there are some things you can do. Breathe-  your hair will grow. Give the style a week- as crazy as this sounds hair needs to ‘find its way’ and so do your eyes. The new look might just need some getting used to. Invest in bobby pins, headbands and other hair accessories- they will help. Use texturizing cream to add fullness the ‘do’. Get out the curling iron or flat iron to improve the style. Consider a micro trim to even out the layers. Don’t overwork your hair and put in extensions. This can lead from one bad ‘do’ to another.
  • Go back and ask for some help and ask that the charges be waived. They should want to make you happy.

Bad Color

  • The first thing is to wait a day or two for the color to oxidize, then go to a professional. Discuss what is troubling you and listen carefully to all of the options. Be careful! You don’t want to make a bad situation worse. For my polka dots (after the very bad cut), I had to have the back of my hair colored dark to cover the polka dots. If your hair turns brassy, use a blue tint shampoo. If your hair is too light, you can have your stylist darken the roots. You never want to lighten roots. The hardest is too dark. The best remedy is to shampoo with a clarifying shampoo and maybe use a color eraser. The danger is that you won’t be sure what color will be left. Again, find a professional to help you out of the mess.
  • Another option that doesn’t involve adding new color is to part your hair differently, add some layers to cut off some of the bad color or wear headbands.
  • Generally, highlights should be done in several shades and blended so that they are not streaky.


  • Patience is required!

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