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When Something Bad Happens

It is easy to lose our way in the fashion jungle and end up with unflattering or unusable clothing. Remember, we are creatures of habit and our habits don’t always stay current with our body shape or life style. Before you buy, run through this check list.August Frumpy Fashion

  • It is safe to assume that we all would prefer to look longer and leaner. There are many clothing tricks to create visual length and proportion.
  • Don’t wear contrasting colors or horizontal patterns that cut you in half visually. Monochromatic solid shades are best.
  • Or, think about matching your top and your bottoms and then add a contrasting jacket. You can also match your jacket to your pants and add a contrasting top. Both combinations create visual length and help you look sleeker. Long necklaces, vertical stripes and scarves also help you look sleeker.
  • Assess your shape (with a kind eye). Focus on the positive and make sure to emphasize your “best part”. Sometimes, we are so concerned about covering what we like least, we obscure the good.
  • It is a truth that we lose height as we age. Posture is key to your presentation. As Teri Agins writes in The Wall Street Journal, “Put on your best posture and practice in front of the mirror. Project with your head high, arms outstretched or your hands on your hips. Hold your shoulders down. No fidgety, folded arms or hands in your face.”
  • Soft drapey jackets look good on everyone and can camouflage figure problems.
  • Dresses cut on the bias in an A-line shape are good. Knee-length skirts look better than ones that are too long or too short.
  • Tunics with three-quarter length sleeves worn with straight-legged pants are figure-flattering.
  • Straight-legged pants are more versatile than wide legs or skinny.
  • A short, stacked heel looks better than flats.
  • An over-sized, over-stuffed handbag can ruin your whole presentation. A cross-body, compact satchel or a clutch will visually lengthen your look.
  • A modern haircut is a MUST to look current.


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