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Pantone colors 2018


Twice a year The Pantone Institute (color trend forecasters) releases the colors for the season. Their picks introduce the trends that the designers use in their collections. It’s an interesting process and sometimes their selections are curious. We all wondered when we unpacked the summer Nic + Zoe why the colors seemed to be fall colors. Sure enough, Chili Oil and Arcadia were represented. Just because a color is represented, it doesn’t mean that it will flatter or enhance your coloring. Let’s get the skinny on who can wear what:

Meadowlark – This is such a bright color that a little goes a long way. Looks best on gals with dark hair and dark complexions. Some blondes with pink undertones can wear this vibrant color.

Pantone meadowlark

Lime Punch– can actually work on most as long as you don’t have an olive based skin tone.

Pantone Lime punch

Pink Lavender works on gals with gray hair, pink complexions, platinum blondes… not a good color on darker skins or brunettes.

Pantone PL

Blooming Dahlia – This is a wonderful color and can help your complexion look vibrant. You just want to make sure it doesn’t clash with your skin tone (not good on olive or pink).

pantone bd

Cherry Tomato– This is a clear red and can be attractive on blondes, brunettes, warm skin tones and black hair. This color will clash with pink skin tones or ladies with “high red” in their faces.

Pantone Cherry tomato

Arcadia works on everyone!

Pantone Arcadia

Little Boy Blue – Good on most, especially the ladies with blue eyes.

Pantone LBB

Chili Oil is a great tone for many. It is very nice with warm skin tones, black, brown, gray or blond hair.

Pantone c oil

Almost Mauve looks to be a pinky/cream color and will be a good alternative for white . It should flatter most.

Pantone am

Ultra Violet is the color of the season and can be worn by most. It is a really pretty color.

Pantone ultra violet

Spring Crocus – Can be tricky for ladies with warm coloring. Pretty on blondes, pink complexions, gray hair and some brunettes. Again, this is a color that a little goes a long way.

Pantone spring crocus

Emperador – A wonderful brown color that works well on red heads and most brunettes.

Pantone Emperador


What is your favorite?


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