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There was a definitely a more rustic look the clothing this fall: more rugged jackets, plaid scarves, deluxe hiking boots (that will never see a hike), fur collars and of coarse an abundance of gold.

  • Yellow/gold sweaters, jeans, shoes & scarves are everywhere.


  • Big woolen scarves

  • Ankle boots more than tall boots and the boots have a lot of hardware

  • Fur collars were abundant

  • Legs were either bare or in tights.

  • Ankle pants and quite a bit of vinyl/plether leggings.

  • Some wide legged pants

  • Animal prints not as prevalent

  • Replaced by plaid and tweed

  • Cross body handbags were dominant… gone were the big status handbags.
  • Watch out! Scooters everywhere.
  • Probably the most disturbing trend was the amount of smoking. It appears that the cancer message has not been received by the Parisian’s. C’est dommage!



Scooters everywhere 

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