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Winter Closet Tune-up

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By this time in January we are usually stuck with a nasty case of the winter blahs. We end up wearing the same clothing over and over because our closet is post holiday messy and we can’t figure out any other combinations. This is not a fun or good place to be. The trick is to organize your closet, re-think your clothing combinations and carefully add some new pieces to brighten your winter neutrals.

  • First visualize what you want your closet/clothing to look like. Find pictures that inspire you.
  • Think about what is motivating you. Bad clothing mornings? Feeling frumpy? Nothing to wear? Focus on the change you want to effect- and start.
  • Make sure that there are no summer or warm weather clothing still hanging in your main closet. Double check for stains, holes, missing buttons when you remove the clothing.
  • Make a second pass through your fall/winter clothes. If you haven’t worn the garment yet, why not? You may be done with it- time to donate!  Some things just don’t look good or fit today like they did years ago. Take time for a “try-on”- if you haven’t worn something try it on. Be picky about what stays in your closet.
  • If you still love an unworn garment, work on finding new ways to wear it. Think out of the box- can  your dressy jacket go with jeans? Maybe.
  • Make your mornings effortless by re-arranging your closet to suit you. Hang clothes by shade or organize types of clothes (blouses, tops and dresses together)  so that you can pull your outfits together fast.
  • Don’t forget your scarves. Scarves will make a simple outfit look great.
  • Add some pastels to your winter standards- a sweater or a scarf in pink or coral is energizing.
  • A pop of bright color will cheer you- maybe in your shoes.
  • Re-winterize your shoes and prep them for messy winter weather by waterproofing them with a spay. Also, think about wearing your cowboy boots. Nothing says Stock Show more than that.
  • Hang light weight sweaters on slim, velvety hangers and fold heavy sweaters so they don’t loose their shape.
  • Hang your coat in a separate closet- always button, zip and check for stains before hanging up.
  • January is a perfect time to add to your wardrobe – go “sale-ing”. A new sweater or top can really help alleviate the winter blahs.
  • Look for a faux fur vest on sale and wear it with a long skirt (channel your inner Sonny & Cher).
  • Organizing your closet- even if you only have a half an hour- will energize you. Start with you scarves or work-out gear. The energy you will get from that simple change is amazing.

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