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Winter Travel Wardrobe Update

I had never traveled to Europe before in the late fall. The temperatures hovered around the ‘4os and made for chilly days. Also, there was quite a bit of rain. It was a different experience because I never was without my coat and I found that I was much more relaxed about what went under it.

Here’s what worked:

  • This Patagonia coat with two layers worked really well although I wore the puffer by itself more.

  • Turtlenecks were essential.

  • Down vest worked under the coat, but not enough by itself. I could have left it home.

  • The grey and black jeans were great

  • I brought three sweaters and didn’t need them all. Should have left one home.

  • This long Damask alpaca sweater worked well- ¬†light and really warm.


  • My Smartwool socks saved the day.


  • Scarves were my go-to: finished the outfit and kept me warm.


  • My boots were my go-to footwear.

What didn’t work as well

  • I only wore my tennis shoes once- too cold and wet.


  • I didn’t wear my 3/4 length fancy top- too cold. I substituted my black turtleneck and added a scarf.


  • My headband looked very Colorado. It’s fun to see the difference between the headband and the hat I purchased in Paris.

  • If I hadn’t purchased the hat, I would have worn a stocking cap.


  • I didn’t wear my cotton blouse- again, not warm enough.

All in all, my wardrobe worked well, but again I brought a few too many clothes. I need to follow my own advice: I will never see these people again, it’s okay to wear the same set of clothes over and over and (most important) comfort and warmth trump all!




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